Customs & Cargo Administrators

Export Clearances

In order to export articles from Australia you will require an Australian Harmonised Export Commodity Classification (AHECC) which is an eight digit code to classify goods.

CCA is customs approved to declare your goods attaining an Export cleared status. As there are thousands of AHECC classifications it can sometimes be confusing.

We can assist you to correctly defining your goods, AHECC and clearance.


Following documents are crucial for us to clear your goods:

  • Export invoice
  • Booking confirmation
  • Any permits and licences may be required


Exportation of goods are controlled by government legislations and policies.

All goods intended to be exported from Australia with a value of AUD 2000 or more must be declared to Customs on an export declaration (EDN).

CCA through its authority with the Interactive Customs System can facilitate this process on your behalf. 

Goods which are conditionally prohibited from export may not be exported unless all necessary export permits are obtained. Any goods that require a permit for export must be reported on an export declaration regardless of value.

CCA can assist with compliance in obtaining these lawful permits allowing the successful exportation of your goods.


Following goods are regulated by the Department of Agriculture and may generally require additional documentary to attain Export clearance.

  • Food
  • Live animals
  • Animal products
  • Fish
  • Aquatic products
  • Plants and grains

At CCA we can guide you through the process. Contact us.